Empties '1

These products you will see in this post I didn't empty them just in this month but in the last couple of months and some of this products are new products I wanted to test out and other ones are repurchases.

The first product in this category is the Rexona Deo in the scent Tropical. I liked the smell it was sweet and fresh I know its hard to explain but I must even say the sweet scent wasn't that much so it was perfect for me and i will definitely repurchase it again.

This three samples had a really good scent and really liked them but I won't repurchase them again but as samples there were great.

Hand Care

These two hand creams are my favorites. Mostly I have one of them in my bags that I use daily. The smell of this creams are great and i like how my hands feel after the use of this creams.

Dental Care 

The only product I can show you from this category is my favorite brand for my dental care and it's not the only product that I emptied in the last months but the another one I threw away by accident.
It's a normal toothpaste and I have a good feeling when I use it.

Face Care

The dark gray bottle is an after shave and i use it as a primer and it was fine but i don't know where this is and because it wasn't that brilliant as a primer. I will not repurchase it again but the smell was good.

One of the products you see on the picture down below i used up twice its a baby head to toe wash lotion.I still use it and have repurchased it already. i love the smell off of it and it's making my face really soft.

And i tested out a new serum what was a sample and i liked everything about it and i must research where i can buy it because i want it again in my life.

The last empty product from this category is a micelle wash lotion i tested it out just to test out new wash lotions for my face because my skin sometimes freaks out or change. At the moment my skin is drier areas in my face but the baby wash lotions are good for my skin.

Body Care 

In this category are just two products and one of them was again a sample and i don't like the smell of the sample body lotion but my skin felt after the use better. The another product was a  body wash lotion it was from the Hamman range and when i find it again then i will definitely buy it again. I loved everything about it and for everyone who likes the smell of mint would love this too and i got it as a birthday present from a good friend.


The Foundation from Rival de Loop was the worst Foundation for my skin type and it looked like i threw dirt in my face it was streaky and didn't look good at all even when the brand has another foundation and that one is one of my favorite.

I hope you like my empties post. 

Xoxo Mel 

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